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​Feedback and contributions from users of our service.


When I came to T12 a lost soul with no sense of direction or self-worth; the first few weeks were hard, painting a smile on and laughing at anything like any other day but not really getting my head around why these people were nice with me or even wanting to help.

"Why am I here" was my first goal, that was easy to do but as the weeks and months passed it got harder and harder I felt like I was a failure!! But no way was I giving up I was determined to do this. 

After 4 months things started to click for me and the things I didn't understand started to make sense.

What I am trying to say is give it your all, keep an open mind and be true to yourself you will get there – we are all someone at the end of the day and we are worth it!!

"Never fear shadows, they simply mean there is a light shining somewhere! 


This is the very last goal I will do here, over the last 6 months we have had goals on mainly subjects but this is perhaps the toughest one to do; I mean, how do you put the way you feel when you leave here into words?

When I arrived I couldn't walk, hardly knew where I was, what time of day it was, who everybody was – I didn't really know who I was myself.

I hobbled round the building (the alcohol had penetrated my bones – there was no other reason for my agony) self-inflicted over many years it had finally caught up with me.

My body bloated with swollen fluid retention, acid burns from being sick weeks before, still stinging in my throat, ooh I must have looked lovely!  I cried all the time and spoke gibberish, now 6 months later I still speak gibberish (joke) No – I am a happy healthy person, I can walk, I can smile, I can swallow, I can help others and can accept the friendship, and I have made some bloody good friends in here past and present who I will never forget…a word about the staff "Fabulous" – all the staff here are so supportive, so friendly and my poor long suffering key worker who battled with my troubles, problems, and fears and yes, I think we just about got there in the end.

Dave and Barry on nights, Sandra and Carl of course, thanks to Amanda, Nicky, and Rob and a special thanks to Rob and Chris and T12 in its entirety for helping  me to have hope again.

If I hadn't have come to T12 when I did I wouldn't be able to write this letter because I would have been dead.

To think when my Doctor told me I was dying I didn't care, I was almost relieved; I now have hope and that is what I take away with me we must all have 'Hope' so thank you to my fellow peers each and every one of you, I feel privileged to have been a part of such a wonderful house. June 2014.


T12 has given me the support and guidance I needed to create a better future for me and my Son. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at T12 and the programme is second to none on educating about relapse prevention.  I have made some really good friends and enjoyed a healthy life style without the use of drink and drugs, thanks to all the staff who are friendly and considerate.


My time at T12 has been incredible, the support I have given is immense, thank you for all your hard work and dedication I couldn't have done it without you all at T12 – amazing people, thank you.


T12 has helped me change my perspective on life, I've come to realise that there is a point whereby you can no longer let past events affect your present actions, you need to take responsibility for what you do and make the right decisions, which is something I now have the capability to do. 


I came to T12 aged 28 but acting 18, I leave aged 29 in touch with my emotions and with the gratitude for the things in my life and an understanding to do well by the people who love me.  Thank you T12. 


A word from the Project Manager – Touchstones 12 are approached by the Town Centre Manager to provide stewarding at community events, there never seems to be a shortage of volunteers and their time and effort does not go unrecognised, below are two letters from Ingrid Lewis:-


"A note to say thank you and your team's fantastic support during the St David's Day Parade this Tuesday.

When on behalf of Touchstones12 you so readily agreed to steward the parade, it immediately enabled me to move on other things, based on past experience I knew Touchstones would not let me down. 

It was a more anxious lead up to the parade than usual as we did not have the customary police support, as soon as I met your team of volunteers I could instantly see how enthusiastic, competent and responsible they all were and my anxiety was alleviated. 

The whole parade went off smoothly and most importantly safely, on behalf of all seven hundred school children, their teachers and schools, please pass on my grateful thanks to your whole team, they did a fantastic job"

"The dust is finally settling on the aftermath of the Colwyn Bay 1940's festival, I would like to formally thank the entire Touchstones12 team who kindly volunteered to help steward this important two day festival.

We estimate that approximately twenty thousand people visited the festival over the two day period, each and every one of these people would have been assisted by your stewards, whether it was in relation to souvenir programme sales, hurricane experience, general safety, street cleanliness or as guide\information points.

All our volunteer stewards performed their tasks with the upmost diligence and professionalism and played an important role in the overall success of the Festival, we really would be unable to host events without the strong support of volunteers.

I hope that all those who participated enjoyed and got something out of the Festival (apart from sore feet!)

Chris, can I ask you please on behalf of the BCBN 1940's festival committee, to pass on our grateful thanks to all those involved from the Touchstones12 team who worked so hard over the Festival period, I'm sure you must be very proud of them"