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Case Study

K comes from a relatively wealthy background and has previously attended college and worked. Sadly over time K became unmanageable from alcohol consumption and consequently disowned by her family. Several years past K's family had paid a considerable amount of money for her to attend private rehabilitation. Unfortunately K returned to drinking soon after completion. 

Several years later K made a self referral to Touchstones12. During her time at Touchstones12 K was able to come to terms and seek help to address her eating disorder problems.

As a part of the programme at Touchstones12 K worked through a number courses and gained ECDL certificates. K was signposted to CAIS and consequently accessed counseling services. In other directions Touchstones located an eating disorder group in Conwy and further introduced her to a specialist eating disorder counselor. In line with voluntary work K made links with SOVA for the purpose of voluntary work.

K started voluntary work with a furniture reclaim charity. On completion of the programme at Touchstones12, K applied for and secured full-time employment.

Case Study

L came to Touchstones12 with a history of offending in his local community from a young age. He left his partner and young son behind not knowing if he would be able to return as their relationship was so affected by his substance misuse.

He had no qualifications or work experience to speak of. At the start of the Project L found it really difficult to work within a structured environment and talk about the consequences of his life that his addiction had caused. Within a few weeks he had gained qualifications in first aid and food hygiene and started a basic IT courses. This helped his self esteem and his communication skills.

Gradually his family started to visit him at the Project and built up his relationship with his partner and young son. As his time at Touchstones12 progressed he showed a keen interest in the social care sector and attended a volunteer course run by the Criminal Justice Partnership, it is a 12 week course looking at all areas of social care.

L completed his time at Touchstones12 as a very confident man with more experience and qualifications than he could imagine.

Case Study

T was referred by her substance misuse worker from Phoenix Future / Arch Initiative

When T entered Touchstones 12 she had a history of alcohol and drug misuse. T has complied with the programme and gained a lot of confidence and self esteem from working through her step work and partaking in workshops. Further, T has accessed counseling services with CAIS.

During her stay at Touchstones 12 T has been on courses and gained qualifications in-:

  IT courses.

  Confidence course with Working Links.       

  Endeavour course through Dip.

  Evening Counseling course at Llandrillo college.

T has been involved in Voluntary work with :-



  Soup wagon.

  Choose life

T has re engaged and developed a good working relationship with her family and ex partner (her daughters father). T feels she has overcome family issues which she did not think she ever would be able to do. T has also worked through personal health problems. T has been given lots of encouragement and opportunities to try different courses and voluntary work; which in turn has helped her realise what she wants for her future.

T has started to apply for jobs in Social Care Sector.